Transitions Help us Grow

Transitions help us, often force us to grow… With any transition, like the one we have witnessed with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, comes an opportunity to reflect, evolve and then hopefully grow.

It’s not always easy and we may resist the change and lament the old times. But transitions at home, at work and in society are a great opportunity. A great opportunity to think about what has worked, what we still believe and what we want to keep, change or frankly throw out.

When have you been caught in a transition, or decided to transition something yourself? Maybe a much-respected boss has left, or you’ve lost a colleague. Or you’ve decided to make a big change in your own life. Reveal something about yourself? Transitions are so often good because they help us change and grow. Growing is painful, but it helps us become who we need to be, fulfill that journey to maturity and wisdom.

Think about your transitions this week. People who are no longer with you, or things that you have changed. What did you learn? In what ways have you grown and become wiser? How have they helped you? How could they still help you, if you focus on what actually happened?

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