I want to keep learning, changing & growing as I get older

Reposted from my Facebook page… December 2022

Today I was reminded by a friend how we can choose to change and grow, or be static, stuck and stay the same. I want to keep learning, changing and growing as I get older.

I think women are better at this and one of the reasons they live longer on average than men. Being willing to keep learning is a discipline and requires focus and dedication. But the rewards are empathy, compassion and humility.

The last few years have been an intense period of questioning, learning and changing. Changing deeply ingrained beliefs, opening myself to new ideas, unblocking trauma and self protection from childhood experiences. I can’t stay stuck in an old, untrue narrative. That’s why I threw everything in the air, discovered that the church is wrong about LGBTQ+ people.

I spent time revisiting and unblocking childhood experiences, and stories I’d told myself to protect myself, hide myself. That uncovered more of my authentic character, my authentic DNA as I call it. The man I was meant to be. It gave me the confidence and power to come out and claim my own LGBTQ+ status as a gay man. I feel so strong about this, so happy and fulfilled because it is totally authentic me.

I learned so much from being a member and working with @tobemagnetic an incredible therapy platform. But it took time and dedication.

So I go into 2023 feel optimistic, free and very powerful. My advice? Be a learner, always be prepared to grow and change… even if it’s scary and leads to new beginnings, new growth, even a longer life… May 2023 be your best year ever!

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