Jonathan Watcham Communications

Back to Basics – My Strengths & Doing What I Love Best

In this COVID world, I’m going back to basics and doing what I love best. I’m a writer at heart and I love creating content. But I also love strategy. CliftonStrengths tells me that I’m a strategic thinker, learner and I thrive on ‘input’ or contributing ideas. I know in this new, uncertain world that I can rely on those three strengths and service offerings:

– Strategic thinking & strategic marketing
– Content creation & storytelling
– Copywriting.

So, it’s back to basics for me. I also know people, businesses and organisations will need all three of these services as they too get back to basics. It’s a good time for all of us to think about what are our three most important strengths and how we can apply them in the months to come.

What are your ‘back to basics’ top three strengths?