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I’m an experienced, energetic and creative marketing professional. I’ve spent more than 20 years in advertising, marketing and publishing. My strengths include marketing strategy, communications and stakeholder engagement.


My experience spans a range of different industries and sectors, including health, wellbeing, aged care, property, construction, local government, not-for-profits and the startup economy.


I have a passion for regional Australia and love nothing more than helping regional entrepreneurs, businesses and communities come alive, build on their ideas and then turn them into compelling propositions that will capture a local audience and targets in metropolitan areas.


In 2018 I was lucky enough to share in an AMI  Marketing Excellence Award for The Best Not-For-Profit Marketing Campaign in 2018 along  with colleagues at Juntos Marketing, an agency based in Camperdown NSW. The campaign focused on mental health and wellbeing in the Murrumbidgee region of New South Wales and included messages across television, radio, the press, social media and on community websites.


I love being outdoors, running, hiking and paddling. I love the beach and the bush, I keep fit and follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. I believe entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders need to focus on mental and physical wellbeing to enable them to achieve their goals, be happy, make a difference and leave a legacy.

  • Got a plan for your business? 
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  • How will you communicate your ideas and point of difference?
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My Services


Marketing Strategy

I help businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs uncover their purpose, vision, point of difference and value propsition. Then I help them create a coherent marketing strategy and plan.


Content Creation & Storytelling

I’m a content creator and storyteller. I listen and help uncover and articulate unique stories and clever ideas. Then I develop these into content and copy that engages and builds lasting relationships.



I love the power of words. They can capture, engage, influence and encourage people to do and achieve amazing things. I try to create clear, concise and persuasive copy to help people and organisations achieve their goals.

Your Content is Your Voice

Let me help you think strategically, uncover your purpose, your vision and value proposition. Then create content and copy that will engage and deepen your customer relationships.

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Grow Revenue

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