About me

I’m Jonathan, I’m a creator and maker of content and information. I tackle big topics like diversity and inclusion and then try and develop ideas and stories to highlight and bring them to life.

I also provide advice on strategy around communications – why, how and what to communicate.

I started out here as a solo marketing consultant and a copywriter, after selling my marketing agency in 2014. Now it’s me and a team of trusted associates.  We’re a collective providing a range of services across research, design, strategy, content creation, web and digital platforms, video and media production.

We all have a passion for, and a believe in the power of storytelling.

Contact me to explore ways we can work together.Jonathan Wa

Core Services


We get alongside our target audience. We hold focus groups, do desk research and we talk to stakeholders at all levels and stages of the communications process.


We are strategists, we think, we plan and we come up with ideas. We test those ideas and then develop them into key messages, campaigns or custom media channels, or even publications.



When the idea is right and ready to go, we swing into action. We create, execute, design, write, film and produce tools, resources, content and campaign material.

Jonathan Watcham

Hi, I’m a communicator and an entrepreneur at heart. I’m also a writer, content creator and storyteller.

I like clear, simple and creative communications, using a story narrative and a focused channel to reach an ideal target audience.

Creator // Maven

I’m a researcher, learner and maker of things and material. I love the workshop environment, empowering, motivating and supporting people using tools and frameworks, carefully thought-out resources, and curated information. Contact me to discuss a project or idea, especially around visibility of diverse people, culture and ideas.

"Vulnerability is not about winning or losing, it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage."

Brene Brown, TED Talk - "The Power of Vulnerability"

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