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Programs & Topics


My standard programs are based on a proven 10 step business planning process, with 2 core components – strategic direction and strategic execution.

These programs can be expanded, tailored and presented either in a workshop, individually or online.

Please ask me for more information so I can tailor something to meet your particular needs. Email me now.


Overall Themes –

All my programs include these 7 over-arching themes, which I believe are at the heart of leadership, business mangement and entrepreneurship:

  1. Make setbacks and failure your friend – embrace, learn and grow
  2. Get clear on purpose and direction – the core of your strategic planning
  3. Cultivate a ‘growth-mindset’ – be open and build self-confidence (yours & your team’s)
  4. Plan and take disciplined and determined action – execution trumps ideas!
  5. Commit to progress and improvement – through ongoing marginal gains
  6. Stay the course, persevere and be accountable – find a mentor
  7. Seek freedom and fulfilment – lead well and leave a lasting legacy.

If you’d like to know more about any of these ideas and how they can help you, your business and your team, please let me know. We can tailor a program to suit you and your team. Send me an email now.


Get Clarity of Purpose & Direction

Having clarity around purpose and direction is the foundation of any business plan – whether it’s an existing business or a new venture. The bottom line is you need to know why you do what you do, for whom and where you intend going.

This applies equally to businesses, as well as leaders and entrepreneurs. My program includes:

  • Your why
  • Creating a compelling vision for the future
  • Taking into account your values
  • Translating all this into strategic objectives for 1 year and 3 years out
  • Being ready to take determined action to achieve that vision and direction.

Keen to know more and how this will help your business, your leadership role, or your start up?


The Undaunted Entrepreneur™

Understand the classic 4 Foundations of Entrepreneurial Success and apply my 7 Step Success Ladder™ – which takes from starting and surviving to building, establishing and succeeding, to leading, teaching and leaving a lasting legacy.

This program has it all. I usually teach this over a 12-16 week period. It’s also ideal for what I call ‘Entrepreneur Restarters’ – where you might have already tried, had a setback or a delay and now you’re keen to reset, refocus and try again – this time with a purpose and a solid plan.

Be undaunted! let me know if you’d like more information. We can work individually or in a coaching group – face-to-face or via Zoom.



The Undaunted Leader™

I believe that as a fearless and undaunted leader, there are 5 characteristics that should stand out:

  1. Vision
  2. Courage
  3. Trust & teamwork
  4. Ability to communicate
  5. Focus

Oustanding leaders are visionaries, they have self-confidence (not arrogance), are humble, able to show authenticity and vulnerability (be themeselves) and they preside over open-thinking, self-motivated teams who operate in safety and in a no-blame environment.

Is that you? Do you know your Top 5 Strengths? Would you like to create a strong, confident team who are innovators and problem solvers?

Let’s talk and see how we can work together to enhance any of these leaderships skills. You can’t know it all, but you can learn and grow in any of these areas. Call or email me for a confidential chat now.

Tailor a Program to Suit You?

Other programs include:

  • Scale Up & Grow – Three Crucial Steps for Success
  • How To Create An Undaunted Team Environment
  • Undaunted Worklife Balance
  • Undaunted Regional Business

Tailor content to suit your particular situation or stage in your journey – or the journey of your business or team. I also work with communities to help them uncover their purpose, create a vision and set up a plan to take action. We then engage and consult with the community, find ways to build ownership, confidence and resilience. Call me for more information.