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Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Coach & Seminar Leader

Hi, I’m Jonathan Watcham and I’m passionate about learning, improving and growing – as leader, entrepreneur and also as a person. I believe that we can all step-up, recover from setbacks, change, grow and find fulfillment. Join me as I journey through the year and commit to being undaunted!

Jonathan Watcham – My Story

With more than 25 years of experience in business and entrepreneurial roles, I’ve worked in 3 different countries and in 5 different cities around the globe.

I’ve created and co-founded 5 businesses in the communications, publishing and advertising sectors. I’ve worked for large multi-national publishing businesses and a couple fo large advertising agencies. Most of all I’ve loved starting and growing my own entrepreneurial ventures. And with some successes, I’ve also had my share of setbacks and frankly, failures.

But I’m a person with a ‘growth mindset’ which means I believe failure and setbacks are just a good opportunity to learn, change and start again. But not without purpose, vision and a solid strategy. It’s this appraoch that I’ve put at the core of my coaching, consulting and the strategic advice I offer to leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.

I believe in being undaunted by setbacks, challenges and failures. I know there’s always a way through and a solution worth pursuing. And it’s never too late to try again. So, let’s have a conversation about your current situation – your ideas, dreams and goals for the year.

Thanks, Jonathan. This level of strategy and thinking is just what we needed!

MARIE – General Manager, Health Services Group

Why Work With Me?

I love a purposeful and strategic approach to any opportunity, challenge or setback. In fact my Top 5 Strengths* include:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Futuristic outlook
  • Life-long learning
  • Connectedness
  • Leading with input.

I've worked in strategy, marketing, business planning and communications for over 25 years and I love growing businesses of all sizes, working to develop leaders, and helping entrepreneurs to find their feet and create great enterprises! Do you know your Top 5 Strengths*?

* Gallup CliftonStrengths Finder

How Can We Get Started?

Use the form to the right if you’d like to have a conversation with me. This is a no-obligations, complimentary half-hour chat to talk about your ideas and goals, and to see if we can work together.

I don’t take on all projects, only those where I believe I can make a difference. I also don’t work speculatively – I have a range of fees and charges that we discuss.

If you’d like to take the first step, please fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Give me a couple of convenient times that we can catch up. Thanks!

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My Qualifications & Awards

I went to university to become a lawyer. On the way I discovered advertising and went that way instead. I also have an honours degree in International Relations. But I learned about business by launching my own ventures and while most of the time I succeeded (I’ve sold a couple at a profit), I also slipped up a couple of times, but always learned something and tried again.

In 2018 while working on a major communications campaign with a marketing agency in Sydney, I was part of a team that won an Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Award for Marketing Excellence. Best of all, our winning campaign helped thousands in country areas facing and struggling with mental health and wellness issues.

I put health and wellness at the top of my agenda. I try and keep really fit and I deal with stress by running, eating well, takign time out and being socially connected.