Five Ways to Hire Me!

If our core values and objectives align, I'd like the opportunity to work with you!

Hire me, I’m a creative entrepreneur…

I write content, create campaigns and come up with ideas to enhance and amplify your communications.

I always start with a bit of strategic thinking, including a thorough understanding of who you’re trying to reach – your ideal target audience. Then together we can a value proposition, some create key messages, posts, articles, newsletters and general marketing and branding content that will engage your audience, educate them and hold their attention – so you can build your venture and achieve your objectives.

Five ways we can work together:
  1. Hire me to review of your marketing communications and make recommendations
  2. Engage me to write content and copy that speaks directly to your target audience on a regular and consistent basis to grow your brand or business
  3. Enlist me to ‘ghost write’ content, articles, posts and other material in your voice to position you as a leading thinker and expert commentator in your field
  4. Employ me to help you uncover what you know, articulate your story and position you (and your brand) as a thought leader in your field or sector
  5. Ask me to work with your team to refresh, update and reinvigorate your communications and set up a workflow system that keeps it all running like a mini-publishing enterprise.
I’m a thinker. I love strategy, storytelling and design. I write quickly and I get things done!

I’m an avid researcher – so I can take care of the facts, uncover data that supports your insights and ideas and help you understand the needs of your target audience, so you can respond with compelling thought leadership material.

I’m a storyteller, I’ve developed a proprietary story structure and I always take a story-first approach to the content I write. 

Storytelling is an art and a science, so let’s do this together!

I’m obsessed with design – too often corporate information looks dull and unimaginative. I can design many things on Canva, have a strong design-eye and help you with ideas and design recommendations.

Ready to work together?

Let’s have a 15-minute conversation and see how I can assist you, your brand, business or organisation. Fill out the form below and I will respond within 48 hours. Thanks for the opportunity!

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